3 Tips to Keep a Reliable Payroll Officer Without Hiring Him for a Full Time Job

It is better for small business owners to hire freelance payroll experts to do the job instead of hiring someone to do a full time job. It is a lot cheaper. It is also possible to change this person when he is no longer competent. However, another problem is if you have found a great payroll officer, how can you expect that he will always be there to help you out? Unless you hire this person to do a full time job, it might be difficult to rely on his services being available over and over again. There are ways though for you to still let this person work with your accounts next time.

  1. Establish a good relationship

This is a must. You need to make sure that this person feels like he is a part of the team even if he is just there for a part time job. He needs to be treated well. You must not put a lot of pressure on him or get angry at him if he has not finished the tasks on time since he wants all details to be perfect. In doing so, you can expect this person to always heed your call when you ask for his payroll service.

  1. Increase your service fee

The amount paid for part time employees depends on the agreement. You can pay per transaction or per hour. You need to check how much other businesses pay for payroll officers. Then, you can bump up his payment by at least 10%. In doing so, you can convince him to still help you out next time. You can also provide bonuses just like your full time employees.

  1. Don’t be possessive

It is normal for freelancers to take on a lot of part time jobs at the same time. It is also possible that they decide to work full time for a certain company in the future. However, it does not mean he can’t work for you anymore. Therefore, you need to calm down and avoid showing that you are too possessive. You need to support him in his future endeavours. Let him know that you are happy that he is getting a lot of job offers. You should also tell him that it is fine with you as long as he will be there for you whenever you call.

Dealing with payroll outsourcing is not easy. You can’t easily find someone who knows how to do the job perfectly. Thus, when you find someone who can do a superb job, you need to find ways to keep this person.

Image: freedigitalphotos.net (Stuart Miles)

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