Common Problems You May Encounter When Using Shower Trays

There are a lot of good reasons for using a shower tray. It makes you feel more comfortable when bathing. It also lessens the time required to clean the shower room. The water goes directly down the drain. They also make the shower room look even more beautiful. There are a few issues though that you might have to face, especially if you have used the tray for a long time.


Over time, rust may form and this is a big problem. It easily spreads until the entire tray is rusty. You don’t want to use a rusty tray for sure. Aside from that, it is not good to look at; it may also pose a health risk.

Mould and mildew

If this happens, it means that the tray has been left dirty for a long time, and you have not done anything to clean it. You might have relied on shampoo and soap residue to do the job. These chemicals are meant to clean the body and not a shower tray. Therefore, they are not enough. Mould also poses serious health threats, especially if you have kids using the shower.


This may happen over time with constant use. It could also be due to a heavy item that was dropped on the shower tray. If cracks occur, then you might get cuts. This is a huge problem so you have no choice but to stop using the tray if there are cracks. You can deal with it by covering the cracked areas, but it will only be a temporary solution. You need to have it replaced before it hurts someone.

High quality shower trays

To avoid these problems, you need to carefully choose which shower tray to use at home. There are high quality trays available, but they also come at a cost. However, this is something that you will use on a daily basis. You would probably rather invest in one of the high quality square shower trays and use it for a long time instead of replacing the tray more frequently with cheaper versions. The materials used in high quality trays also have anti-rusting properties. They also don’t easily crack. This helps make it easier for you to maintain your shower tray.

Cleaning the tray

It is also important that you check what kind of cleaning agents you use for cleaning the shower tray. They have to be mild and not strong enough to damage the surface of the tray. You also need to understand the types of materials used in making the tray so that you can buy the right cleaning agent or use the right chemicals.

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