How to Choose the Best Vietnamese Restaurant to Dine In

You might be surprised that even if you reside in London, there are a lot of Vietnamese restaurants for you to choose from. You don’t have to fly all the way to Asia just to eat authentic dishes. Not all of them are good enough though. Therefore, it is important that you carefully select the restaurants available before dining there.

Read reviews

It is great if you can read what other people have to say about the restaurants. You can check out the comments in Yelp as well as the ratings given to the restaurant. Not all of them are authentic comments, but you can at least get an idea of what other people think about the place.

Look for restaurants with a Vietnamese chef

If the restaurants can’t bring you to Vietnam, they can at least bring an authentic Vietnamese chef to work for them. They know exactly how to prepare Vietnamese dishes with authenticity since they have lived there. For them, it is not a job. It is a way of presenting their culture to the rest of the world. Thus, when you dine in a Vietnamese restaurant London offers, with a real Vietnamese chef, you can always expect the best.

Great interior decorations

Aside from the food, you must also feel like you really are in Vietnam the moment you step inside the restaurant. Therefore, it is great if the place takes you all the way to Vietnam with its decorations. Vietnamese people also love eating using a small chair and table on the side of the street. If you can find restaurants that offer such a setup in London, then the experience becomes even more authentic.

Keep trying

There is no harm in trying the Vietnamese restaurants available in your area. If you are not satisfied, you can always move to another place and try what they have to offer. You will soon find the best place and you can keep going there to try out more Vietnamese cuisine.

Research online

When you dine in a Vietnamese restaurant, they don’t necessarily offer all Vietnamese dishes. Therefore, you need to know what is in a dish because you might find it hard to understand the menu. It pays to know in advance what they offer, or at least have an idea. Then, choosing the best dish on the menu will be easier.

You will definitely enjoy authentic Vietnamese restaurants in London. You just have to move around and research until you find the perfect place to dine. There are restaurants that are perfect for a special date with a special person while some others are perfect for families.

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