How To Have Fun For Less This Summer

Summer can be an expensive time, especially if you have children who are off school and need to be entertained. The trick is to find low-cost activities that all of you can enjoy. Here’s a list of some of the best.



All you really need for Geocaching is a mobile phone with GPS. The aim of the activity is to find geocaches that are hidden all over the world (not that you have to travel far, there are probably some down the road from where you live).

You set out with your GPS and have to solve clues to find the cache. These can be anything from nanocaches, that are so small they’re hard to see, to ammo cases full of goodies.

In the larger caches people leave things that can be taken by the next person who finds the cache. Remember, though, if you do take something, you have to leave something of equal or greater value behind.

This activity gets you outside, walking, enjoying the local environment and discovering places you never knew existed. It’s also a good chance to learn some basic navigation skills.


Free Shows

If you look hard enough you’ll find plenty of free shows, exhibitions and interesting places to visit. For example, a lot of museums in England are free to get into. You could spend the whole day at a museum, or half a day and spend the rest exploring your city.

If you don’t want to spend money on expensive museum food, just take a packed lunch.


Have People Over

Instead of going out to bars and clubs, why not spend the evening in the garden with a few of your nearest and dearest. Ask everyone to bring food and drink and you won’t have to spend too much on feeding and watering people.

It might be that you’d rather go to your favourite pub for their famous Sunday BBQs but if a friend invites you over, take them up on the offer. You’ll be able to spend time with great people while eating the same food and drinking the same drink for just a fraction of the price.



A lot of towns and cities have schemes that allow you to get money off vouchers for places in the local area. There are the larger deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social but check and see if there are more local companies offering similar services.

This is a great way to get money off the things you want to do in the local area. It might be anything from a pampering session with the girls to a family day out.


Cut Back

If you want to have some fun this summer, take a look at your expenses. If you have a regular income or structured annuity then you’ll know your income is guaranteed. Perhaps stop your film rental service for month or two and spend it on a National Trust membership. You’ll get to go outside and enjoy the summer months. You can always renew the film membership once the weather starts to cool off again.

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