How to Make Your Business Trip More Convenient and Comfortable

Traveling can be exciting, but it can also be tiring and stressful. Business travelers, especially, require some special care, simply because they are on a trip frequently and need to be fully prepared for meetings and presentations when they arrive at their destination. For the business traveler, convenience and comfort is therefore a must. However, it’s usually easier said than done, since so much seems to be out of your control. So what can be done? Here are some great tips on how to make your business trip more convenient and comfortable.

Gather those air miles

Getting frequent flier miles has several advantages – so try to concentrate them in one or two carriers to take full advantage of them. You’d be surprised at how much it can help. When you’re stressed or tired, early boarding or five extra inches of leg room can make a big difference.

Airport clubs offer rest

Join an airport club if you haven’t yet – they offer more luxury and relaxation than other spots. Especially for long layovers, it makes a vast difference. If you need to stay somewhere for a few hours and want to do some work at a comfortable desk or get a drink without having to stand up, airport clubs are your best bet.

Carry what you need for two nights

It’s practical advice: carry basic supplies, such as an extra shirt and extra trousers, extra underwear and socks for a day or two. Airlines sometimes make mistakes, and if your luggage happens to be part of that mistake, you’ll be thankful for this practical insight. It’s about being prepared for when things go wrong.

Join a rental car club or airport taxi service

Public transportation is not ideal – not only are train and bus schedules frequently unreliable, there’s also the hassle of having to negotiate platforms with luggage. Pre-booking an airport taxi service such as or joining a rental car club makes perfect sense.

Eat and drink healthy

It’s tempting to stuff yourself with high-calorie junk food when you’re tired, or have a beer to take the edge off, but eating healthy food and drinking nutritious juices are a better option by far.

There’s no doubt eating a home-cooked meal and sleeping in your own bed is still the most convenient and comfortable way of living, but those who are frequently on the road or in the air can do a lot to make their experience more expedient and hassle-free; it’s about taking care of yourself, after all. Look for the spots that offer some luxury; plan ahead and pre-arrange your taxi service; eat an apple instead of a chocolate bar. With these simple tricks, you’re sure to arrive at your destination with a sane mind and a positive frame of mind.

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