London Street Art


Since the 1970’s, London’s streets have been awash with colourful, imaginative and provacative works that have represented an alternative to the traditional artwork seen in galleries. Invariably illegal, the artists take risks to persue their passion: expressing their creative sides and making a name for themselves. The most well known street artist is the Bristolian, Banksy who combines his art with an emotive, political and humorous slant.

The artists strive for recognition and respect amongst themselves with the battle between free-hand and stencil artists being a prominent feature. Laughing Larry headed to the streets of London to check out the art appearing on bridges, decaying buildings, pavements and walls in his home town.

london street art - roa Roa is a young Belgian street artist known for his massive black and white animals that are found sprawled across decaying walls and buildings. His work is all free-hand and the animals are usually indigenous to the country he draws them in.

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Giles MacGregor known as ‘El Mac‘ is an artist from Los Angeles. His work focuses on developing his unique rendering style, which utilises repeating contour lines reminiscent of ripples. Many of his pieces are portraits of anonymous mexican labourers.

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london street art - el mac
london street art - stik Not much is known about this artist but Stik’s work is distinctive, playful and often humorous.

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Space Invader is a French street artist who pastes up characters inspired by the late 1970’s game Space Invaders. The artist himself calls each visit to a city as an ‘invasion.

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Pablo Delgado’s unique and miniature figures are ubiquitous across East London.The relocated Mexican’s ‘little people’ are inspired by the cultural richness of this city and each have a distinctive shadow.

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