Men’s Guide to Flowers

Let’s face it, most of us are horribly inept when it comes to buying flowers. That awkard moment when the flower-girl walks over to you and asks if she can help. She knows. You really don’t. You want this process to end as quickly and painlessly as possible. Luckily, help is on hand. Laughing Larry emailed one of London’s florists and asked him to impart any pearls of wisdom when it came to buying flowers for the fairer sex…


“What to send? That is the question. Don’t worry guys; help is on the way, just read on.

“With an increase in the colours and variety of flowers, it is getting increasingly harder to get it right when choosing the right flowers for your loved one. Of course, flowers are still the main choice of gifts and are almost expected by the recipient these days, so do not dare come home without them. Red roses, so long the dominant force behind everything romantic, will, as always, remain at the centre of most people’s choices and they really have an allure that is very hard to resist. Red rose is a symbol of love, romance and passion and will always remain so. Certainly for couples who are already married, or are just silly in love, we recommend this magnificent flower. For newly-mets, friends, or should I dare say ‘possibles’; there are also the following choices and not just roses.

“Whilst passion is so clearly symbolised by red roses, the rest of the pack, such as white, yellow and pink roses are also becoming great sellers on Valentine’s Day and not without a reason. Apart from being super elegant, white roses reflect purity, sophistication, innocence and friendship. The white rose is also known as the wedding flower, again demonstrating the purity of it. Yellow roses have, throughout history, been closely associated with the sun and, as such, with light and warmth. In most of our Western societies, yellow roses are associated with friendship and joy and a bouquet of yellow roses will bring to mind all things cheerful, happy and sunny. They are an ideal way to brighten up someone’s day. Finally pink roses have always been symbols of grace and elegance. These days they are seen as a symbol of appreciation. The fact that they come in so many shades has helped, as people choose lighter shades for lighter emotional messages.

“Other choices also include tulips, gerberas, lilies and even some tropical flowers when in need of something really unusual. After all, tulips are actually referred to as the perfect lover flowers – do you really need a better symbol on this day? What’s more is that girls and women in general really love tulips as they are a pure delight. They’re very unpretentious, charming, fun, simple and uncomplicated and change shapes according to whatever they feel like, once you leave them in a vase full of water. Gerberas are also just as cheerful as the tulips and are the classic symbol of beauty. The variety of colours is huge when it comes to gerberas and they are used as such for a multitude of occasions. Another great and fun way to send gerberas is by mixing as many colours in one bouquet-combination that never fails to satisfy. Lilies have also come to symbolise many things, due, again, to a very great variety being discovered. Mostly, however, they have come to symbolize friendship and devotion towards the one you love.

“Finally, however, if you’re after something truly different, than send tropical flowers. My personal favourites are ginger flowers. Usually they come in pink and red, but there is a white variety as well. These flowers symbolise strength, prosperity and diversity, whilst the general meaning is proud and majestic. Another great tropical variety is a protea flower. It too comes in a great number of shapes and sizes with up to 1400 different varieties available. The protea flowers symbolize diversity and courage and are also a great choice for anyone choosing to send something different.

“So, there you go chaps. I do sincerely hope I have helped you a little bit”

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