Outdoor and Sportswear

Fashionable is more than dresses and designer jeans. Outdoor activities and sports or adventure require their own fashion sense. Designer jeans and loafers simply do not work if the venue is a mountain lake or woods trail. It is not only a matter of style to be considered. Durability and safety are paramount with quality outdoor wear.

outdoor sports wear


Unlike many fashionable styles for around town, country wear is better sized as loose fitting allowing a full range of motion and relaxed. Typical form fitting and low cut does not do well in the country. That is not to say that adventure styles need all look like grain sacks by any means. Quality manufacturers manage to match function and purpose to a very becoming aesthetic style. The big difference is in what the clothing says about you. Outdoor clothing fashions give off airs of confidence, ability, and self-reliance that has appeal across all demographics.


Outdoor clothing serves many purposes. As well as being clothes it is protection from sun and elements, offers warmth or breathability, and allows the wearer to be the focus instead of the clothes. Most works well with layering allowing you to add or reduce pieces as a day progresses to maintain a comfortable temperature day or night by adding a vest or scarf or rolling up the sleeves, even unzipping the pant legs.


Active wear needs to be far more durable. Good active wear manages to do this by use of blends of materials or tighter more sturdy weaves instead of simply adding weight and thickness. Cotton allows water and sweat to be wicked away from the skin while wool will retain its warmth giving ability even after soaked in an unexpected shower. Due to the nature of the clothing, cleaning needs to be done keeping in mind the purpose it is made. Particularly with high end synthetics like Gortex – while a month in the rain has no bad effect a trip through the washing machine may ruin it.

Purchasing Quality Outdoor Wear

You are always going to find the best selection at specialty outfitters. You may see an offering of an outdoor pullover at a fashion dress store but typically it will be just the look and leave off the utility and durability. If you want to actually find quality outdoor wear than Warwickshire Clothing – Outdoor Clothing Shop is going to be a better choice than a high street fashion shop. The you will not just look the part.

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