Planning Your Beach Body for the 2014 Summer Season

It will soon be time to start searching for a destination for your summer holiday next year. It’s never too early to book your annual beach holiday as there are a number of benefits in getting organised earlier; the main being that there will be plenty of time to prepare. There is always a lot to do, whether you need to save up for your travel money, or you want to get your body in tip top condition before you strip down to your beachwear.

There will be many people who travelled overseas this year and didn’t feel comfortable about baring their bodies on the beach and don’t want to experience the same next year; now is the time to make the changes to improve your confidence the next time around.

Here are a few of my tips to achieve your beach body for 2014…

Eat healthily

My first piece of advice would be to adapt your diet to incorporate more fruit and vegetables, as well as drinking more water. It is always tempting to pick the easy option of fast food here in the UK, but there are some healthy meals that you can prepare pretty quickly too. For example, at breakfast you could try granola, fruit and plain yoghurt, and then have a nutritious salad at lunchtime. Dinner might be a portion of fish served with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables. You’ll soon discover options that are suited to your tastes and you’ll become a pro and preparing them in a hurry.

Do more exercise

You can also try to do some more exercise than you currently do. Is it possible to commute to work either by walking or cycling? Perhaps you could do a quick fitness class before work, at lunchtime or when you leave the office for the day. Consider both cardiovascular exercise as well as any strength training, depending on the results you desire. If budget is a factor for you, running outdoors is an inexpensive exercise method; you could combine this with some simple weightlifting with dumbbells at home.

Buy clothes that fit

Avoid buying a whole new wardrobe whilst you’re eating better and exercising more as you may need to replace them when you achieve your new shape. If you’re able to maintain your new figure, you could then choose to buy clothes that suit and fit you better; you could always get the help of a personal shopper if you need a bit of help.

Think about the finishing touches

Finally, you could also think about the finishing touches for the beach such as hair, nails and skin. Women’s and men’s laser hair removal is a popular choice for those who want as little fuss as possible whilst they’re away, and many women choose shellac gel nails so their polish doesn’t chip as easily when they’re spending time on the beach. You should be able to find these services in your local area by doing a search online or looking in the Yellow Pages.

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