The Journey of Bodybuilding

When people think about bodybuilding, they tend to look at people who have acquired muscular bodies such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Eugene Sandow. Schwarzenegger, a man with a significant amount of muscle, was a successful celebrity in Hollywood and Governor of California. Eugene Sandow has been recognized by many people has being the inventor of modern bodybuilding. However, bodybuilding did not start with these two men. The history or roots of bodybuilding can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece.

Bodybuilding Techniques of Athletes from The Past

  • The athletes from ancient Greece would train in gyms where their main focus was on endurance and stamina.
  • During the sixth century BC, Milo, who was an Olympic athlete from Italy, would place a calf on his back every day to help develop his muscles. This bodybuilding strategy helped him win many Olympic titles.
  • In the eleventh century AD, weights was first used by the Indians. The weights were more primitive than the weights that are used today. The stone weights helped them to acquire a great body shape.
  • In Greece, individuals would use stone weights that weighed about two to 9 kg. The athletes would use these weights before participating in the Olympics to help them perform better.


Eugene Sandow 

Bodybuilding became more known by the nineteenth century when people began to consider weight training as a good option for improving their strength and health. The first person to become a celebrity bodybuilder was Eugene Sandow, who was born in Prussia in 1867. However, his real name was Friedrich Muller. He became known for his physical physique which was well sculpted and strong. He organized and judged the first competition for bodybuilders.

First Contest

A Mr. America contest was held in 1939 by the Amateur Athletic Union. Another contest was conducted ten years later by Joe and Ben Weider. It was called Mr. America IFBB, which stood for the International Federation of Bodybuilders. These brothers formed this group to focus less on lifting weights and more on the Olympic sports aspect of bodybuilding. Two other similar competitions are the Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe contest. The Mr. Universe contest started in 1948 as an amateur bodybuilding contest. However, in 1952, professionals were allowed to start participating.

A trophy is presented to the winners of the contest. The trophy has a sculpted figure of Eugene Sandow to help remind the world of his contribution to the history of bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding Becomes More Well-Known

In 1965, Mr. Olympia was created by Joe Weider. It was created to help individuals who had won Mr. Universe make more money. In addition, bodybuilding contests offered bodybuilders the opportunity to become famous. Mr. Olympia winners were known as the best bodybuilders in the world.

Mr. Olympia’s First Winner

Larry Scott became the first winner of a Mr. Olympia competition. Then, in 1966, Larry won another bodybuilding title. Because of his fame as a bodybuilder, he appeared in several magazines. He became very popular, but the true legend in bodybuilding is Arnold Schwarzenegger, who holds the record for winning the most Mr. Olympia titles.

Bodybuilding Diets and Workout Techniques

  • Proper diet, nutrition and exercise will help your muscles grow.
  • Rigorous exercising can cause muscle damage if not done properly. To prevent muscle tears, you can use bodybuilding supplements such as creatine and proteins.
  • Fruits and juices can help boost your energy if used before a training session. These carbohydrates help your body build muscle.

Today, bodybuilding has changed. For instance, cosmetic surgery has been introduced to help individuals achieve the look they desire. In addition, performance enhancing steroids and drugs are being used and abused in sports. Many negative factors are being linked to the bodybuilding sport. These factors were unheard of in the past. Some people think these changes are positive progress in bodybuilding, and others do not agree. When bodybuilding first started, it was done to help individuals achieve stronger and healthier bodies. Today, individuals need to remember the reason bodybuilding was started. It was not started just to win titles, but it was started to make people feel better about their bodies and their health.

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