What to Know When Hiring a UK Removals Service

More often times than not, moving out to a new location is a stressful exercise if you don’t plan ahead and hire the right London Removals Service. You can minimize the risk and cost of moving if you have a professional moving service with years of experience and a solid reputation at your disposal. If you really want to have peace of mind when moving to London or out of the city, just visit http://www.wynnesremovals.co.uk and get a quote. Based in the East Sussex area, Wynnes Removals has been in the moving business for quite some time catering to both domestic removals and business moving requirements 

Plan Ahead for Your Move

If you are a resident in London and are planning to move out of the city to anywhere else in or out of the UK, you can plan your move to be smooth, time saving, cost effective, and hassle free. The first thing you obviously need to do after you have decided on making your move out of London and settling all your accounts is to hire a reputed removals service. 

A little bit of planning goes a long way in making your move stress free. It always makes sense to hire a removal service based in the location you are moving to. This is much better than hiring a London Removals service based in London. Apart from dramatically cutting your costs, you also have the advantage of having a service that is familiar with the location. Of course, by getting an early quote from such a non London based firm well ahead of your planned move, you will have a lot of more options at your disposal and will be able to choose the most optimum day for the move, saving both time and money. Though this sounds pretty obvious, most people tend to keep everything for the last minute when it comes to hiring a removals service.


What to Ask a POTENTIAL Removals Service

When hiring a removals company, it’s important that you know what questions to ask your potential mover so that you have clarity on what kind of services you have access to and what exactly you will be paying for them. Here are some queries you can present to a removals service:

  • How long have you been in the business?

  • What kind of customers do you generally cater to?

  • Would you be able to provide references?

  • How does your insurance cover work?

  • Do you hold membership in the British Association of Removers?

  • Is there an office or depot I can visit in London and in the location to where I plan to move?

  • Could you give a rough plan on how you would execute this move?

  • Are there enough crew members to make the move as quickly as possible?

  • In the scenario where my belongings are on your vehicle overnight, what kind of security can I expect?


Apart from this, there are things you can pick up on while interacting with a representative or estimator of the firm. 

  • Is the estimator open to clear your queries and happy to provide references?

  • When you visit the office, are the vehicles well maintained and serviced?

  • Do the crew members wear uniforms?


Understanding Costs

  1. There are various factors that would influence the cost of your move. These would include:

  2. Obviously how much stuff you have to move.

  3. Whether you require packing services

  4. Whether you need special packing materials to protect fragile belongings

  5. The distance from London to the target location

  6. How fast you need to move (the higher the speed, the larger the crew)

  7. When you need to move (moving over the weekend or holiday will cost more)


Hiring a Local Removals Firm

Moving costs can be phenomenally high, especially when you’re hiring a firm that is based in London. Try looking for a firm that is based outside London and has branches all over the country, including the location where you are moving to. You can get a good bargain from local service providers and you would also be more comfortable dealing with people who have first hand information about the place you are moving to. You can gain valuable inputs about your new location from local service providers.


Customised Packages

Make sure the firm provides you with various options to choose from when it comes to implementing your move. Most first rate removals service providers offer different packages to suit the specific needs of their customers. You can choose to pack your belongings yourself, which brings down the costs significantly. 

Some Removal companies provide you with a comprehensive package that includes everything involved in your move. The package would include storage services and setting up utilities at your new location. Some companies will even help with identifying belongings you don’t need, valuating, and arranging them for auction and a whole lot more depending on how much you’re willing to spend. The key factor again, is time. You can’t imagine how much you would benefit from taking the time to scout out at least 3 or 4 removal service providers well ahead of your move. You stand to strike a good bargain with the provider who best understands your needs and is capable of delivering as promised.


Wynnes Removals – A Trusted Name

When you hire an established service provider like Wynnes Removals, you get a highly experience crew that is reliable and motivated towards giving you a quick and hassle free service regardless of what your requirements are. You have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of packages to suit your budget to the T. The company assures 24 hour accessibility and provides a contractual guarantee to stick to the agreed deadline. The previous customers of the moving company swear by their punctuality and quality of service. The reviews are consistent and you can rest assured of the fact that your move will be executed within time, within budget, and without any kind of trouble whatsoever.

So, if you are staying in London and wish to move out of the city, feel free to visit the website of Wynnes Removals today or call on the helpline to discuss your requirements with the estimators, and make your move a pleasurable experience.





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