Your All-Important Guide to Keeping Your Quartz Worktop in Tip-Top Shape

It’s no surprise that quartz worktops are more popular than ever. For busy and hectic households, a quartz worktop is a brilliant choice as it is easy to clean and maintain and doesn’t even need re-sealing, unlike other worktop materials. Plus, quartz worktops come in an array of colours that truly make them ideal for the modern kitchen. But if you would like to keep your quartz worktop looking as good as new for years to come, here’s what you should know about cleaning and maintaining it.

Dealing with spills

Spills do occur, no matter how careful you are, and it’s just up to you how to deal with it. But dealing with spills on your quartz worktop is relatively easy, depending on the spill. For spills that become hard when they dry out, such as grease, paint, nail polish, or even chewing gum, you can gently scrape or pry away the remaining material with a scraper made of plastic. Afterwards, clean the area with a combination of water and vinegar and a cleaning pad that is non-abrasive. Other spills can simply be wiped away with the water and vinegar mixture and then rinsed with a gentle cleaner and water. Clean the surface thoroughly with a mcirofibre cloth or paper towel.

What you need to know about stains

The good aspect about quartz worktops is that they are non-porous – which means that they don’t easily absorb stains and spills. But try to avoid stains that come from permanent inks or markers and certain dyes or solvents. If this happens, wipe the area immediately with a damp cloth and make sure it is thoroughly rinsed with water. You should also try to avoid exposing your quartz worktop to strong and abrasive acidic or alkaline products, or cleaners with either low, neutral, or high pH levels. Also, do not expose your quartz worktop to products like bleach, paint remover, batteries, and cleaning products for bronze or silver. Never use sealants on your quartz worktop – it will just cause the worktop to appear inconsistent or dull, causing it to lose its natural sheen.

Avoiding damage from heat

Whilst quartz worktops, especially a quartz worktop London from J.R. Stone, are incredibly durable and hard-wearing, you should still remember that it can be damaged by heat. That being said, avoid placing hot objects on your quartz worktop, such as hot pans or pots. Additionally, be careful about using heat-producing appliances on your worktop’s surface, such as crock-pots or electric grills. It is best to use pads and trivets for your worktop surface to avoid damaging or fracturing the worktop.

In general, you can keep your quartz worktop clean and in tip-top shape with just a soft, microfibre cloth, warm water, and a gentle soap or cleanser. For everything else, remember what we’ve mentioned above.

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