10 Plastic Surgery Myths and Misconceptions

Though you know it all about plastic surgery? Think again! Let’s take a look at the 10 biggest myths and misconceptions out there.

1. Women should not have plastic surgery until after the menopause

The opposite is true! If you have your first plastic surgery after the menopause, you may actually end up looking ‘overdone’. Instead, you should take have less invasive procedures completed when you’re younger, so that your Dallas plastic surgeon can always make you look natural.

2. You have to be loaded to have plastic surgery

Once upon a time, this may have been true. Now, however, plastic surgery is very affordable. Why do you think everybody is having it done?

3. Only women have plastic surgery.

Nonsense again! Men have lots of plastic surgery, although the preferred types are a bit different. Men are more likely to have rhinoplasty, body contouring and abs inserts, for instance.

4. You have to be vain to want plastic surgery

If you think that looking your best is vanity, then so be it. But feeling like you look good also means that you feel good inside, so it gives a psychological benefit, too.

5. Recovery is long and painful

With the advances in medical technology, many plastic surgery options are now minimally invasive and recovery time is very quick. Many procedures can be done on an outpatient basis.

6. Having your breasts augmented is dangerous

Because of the PIP implant scandal, people suddenly think all breast augmentations are dangerous, which is simply not true. The PIP scandal was huge and has negatively affected many women, but important lessons have been used. And the PIP models weren’t used anymore long before the scandal actually broke out.

7. Botox is dangerous and will freeze your face

The active ingredient in Botox is indeed a neurotoxin. However, it is injected in tiny amounts, which paralyzes the facial muscles that it targets, but nothing else. Frozen faces will only happen if you have too much Botox, something no self-respecting plastic surgeon will ever allow.

8. Cosmetic and esthetic surgeons are all plastic surgeons

This is not true either. A board certified plastic surgeon has completed extensive additional training and continues to be committed to their professional education. A cosmetic surgeon and an esthetic surgeon have different registrations, qualifications and levels of training.

9. You should always have plastic surgery completed in a private setting

Hospitals have incredibly high standards nowadays and are completely safe. What matters more is their accreditation, and the accreditation of the surgeon that will work with you, not so much the setting in which it is done.

10. You can get the same results through diet and exercise

While diet and exercise, and proper nutrition, is absolutely vital to good looking skin and overall health, you cannot have the same effects as what you would with plastic surgery. Lotions, potions and pills that claim to be so good that it is the same as surgery are lying.

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