3 of the Biggest (and Most Famous) Roulette Wins for High-rollers

While the majority of U.S. states continue to view roulette as a game of chance, this is a largely unpopular opinion that is not shared in Europe or the UK. In fact, it is embraced as a game of tremendous skill and strategy in these regions, even allowing for the randomness and opportunism of the wheel spin.

This is reflected by the fact that roulette remains a popular game among high-rollers across the globe, who play both on and offline and look to secure a competitive advantage by leveraging a predetermined strategy.

To underline this, there have been some huge wins by prominent high-rollers while playing roulette. Here are some examples:

  1. Mike Ashley Wins £1.3 Million in Mayfair

In an age where you can visit any number of roulette sites , the notion of visiting a bricks-and-mortar casino may seem strange to some. This is not the case for older players, however, who love the atmosphere at land based casinos and the thrill of seeking big returns.

The controversial Newcastle United chairman and former Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley is no exception to this rule, while the retail mogul also has the distinction of claiming one of the biggest roulette wins in recent history.

After spending just 15 minutes at a table at the exclusive Fifty London casino in affluent Mayfair, Ashley staked bets worth £480,000 around his lucky number of 17. Incredibly, he left with a cool £1.3 million in his pocket, proving that high-rollers are capable of winning big in a relatively short amount of time.

  1. Sean Connery Achieves Huge Returns at Incredible Odds

It is fitting that an actor who is synonymous with the role of James Bond should have a reputation as a high-roller in real life.

Sean Connery grew up around gambling and continued his passion for his stakes games into adulthood. This bore significant fruit in 1963, when Connery attended a casino in the Italian Alps and stepped up to the roulette wheel.

He staked his money on 17, and while his first two attempts were unsuccessful his wager came good on the third spin. Rather than walk away, he left his winning there, and incredibly the 35/1 wager hit again. Still he left his accumulated winnings in place, and his rival players were left stunned when he landed 17 for the third consecutive spin at odds of 50,000/1.

This incredible run earned Connery more than 17 million lire, which equated to £10,000 and would be worth an impressive £163,000 in today’s market.

  1. Ashley Revell Stakes His Life on Red, and Wins!

While Revell’s roulette winnings are nowhere near the biggest ever recorded, they are arguably the most famous.

In 2004, Revell sold all of his material possessions, with the intention of staking the money accrued on a single spin of the roulette wheel. True to his word, he arrived in Las Vegas armed with a grand total of $135,500, having offloaded his house, car and excess clothing in the weeks before. Once there, he staked the entire amount on red, waiting interminably as the orbit wobbled and the ball jubilantly landed on red seven.

In that instant, Revell doubled his net worth and became synonymous with the unique spirit that defines every high-roller. He also became a household name, after Sky One had heard about his incredible plan and made him the focus of a mini TV series (meaning that the climax of his journey was viewed by millions).

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