Annoying Allergies Getting You Down? Read This

Does your nose feel all blocked up? Are your sinuses filled with gunk? Do your cheeks feel two sizes too big? You might be coming down with a cold or you could have an allergy to something around you. This might be the family dog, pollen in the air or even mould growing on the wall. Most people have allergies without even realising it. A few sneezes and the problematic substance disappears from their system. But for some people, it’s a constant battle to look and feel well. If you have this issue, I’ve got the solution. Here are some of the best ways to deal with those pesky allergies.

Contact Lenses Keep Pollen Out Your Eyes

Are you allergic to pollen? The problem with pollen is that once it’s in the atmosphere, it can easily affect people’s eyes. Most people don’t notice because they’re not allergic. But for those who are, it’s a pain and a discomfort. Now, though, you can buy contact lenses that are perfect if you have allergies. They protect your eyes and have a blinking system to provide new moisture. Toric lenses offer these special contacts for people who have allergies. If you’re looking for Toric lenses, you can find them for sale online.

Indoor Plants Aren’t A Great Idea

Indoor plants may look pretty in your home. But if you have allergies, you might as well rub your face in a field of dandelions. Air filtration isn’t great in homes, even if you have extractor fans and air conditioning. The air won’t always circulate as you’d hope and that means pollen hangs in the air. If you constantly wake up in the morning, feeling awful, try getting rid of the plants. We think you’ll feel a lot better.

Perfect Excuse For A Vacation

Do you know what time of year your allergies flair up? Some people do. For instance, many people find their allergies get worse when the air is filled with pollen from plants. Usually, this occurs in the spring. If you think that’s true for you, it’s time to book a flight away this season. Come back when the trouble season is over and you’ll avoid issues with allergies completely.

Home Cleaning

Do you regularly clean your home? We’re sure you do but you can still get dust mites popping up all over the place. These little fellows are microscopic so you’ll never see them. But we’d bet good money they are making your allergies a lot worse. If you want to get rid of the dust mites, make sure you’re washing your clothes with piping hot water. Sixty or seventy degrees will kill these mites off and clean up your sinuses.

Natural Herbs

Last but certainly not least, some natural herbs have been shown to have positive effects on allergies. You can research these online. There are plenty of blog owners who swear by them and I can see why. Chinese medicine has used natural herbs to treat allergies for centuries.


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