Everything You Need to Know about Serviced Flats and Why They are Better than Hotels

Staying in a hotel can be seen as a luxury (especially if it’s a five-star one), but for the frequent business traveler, it’s more of a necessity. Those who regularly travel for business purposes often have no choice but to stay in a hotel when they are abroad or out of town. But now more than ever, business people have another option: staying in a serviced flat. If you’ve heard of serviced flats but are not quite sure what they are or what they offer, here’s what you should know.

What is a serviced flat? The basics

Serviced flats are often referred to as serviced or corporate apartments in the UK and as ‘apartment-or apart-hotels’ in other places in Europe. But whilst the term ‘serviced flat’ can vary from one country to another, they all stand for the same thing: freedom and comfort combined.

One thing you should know, though, is that the amenities and services offered by serviced flats can vary, depending on the price of the flat. But there is also a certain standard of service offered by all serviced flats – a comfortable living and sleeping space for business travelers, equipped with a kitchenette or fully-fitted kitchen, a space for working, and cleaning services.

What you can expect from a serviced flat

Serviced flats are often comprised of studios, where one main room is used as a sleeping and living area combined with a small kitchen and en suite bathroom. Some serviced flats, however, can also come with two or three bedrooms. The accommodations can be suited to fit your budget, whether you are looking for an affordable place to stay for a few nights or a long-term arrangement in luxurious surroundings. In fact, serviced flats are often designed for longer staying guests who prefer their privacy and independence, and that’s one reason why serviced flats are outfitted with kitchen facilities, which you wouldn’t find in hotels.

What’s in it?

Serviced flats are fully-furnished, so you will have everything you need for a comfortable stay. You can expect a standard serviced flat to have a bigger floor area than a hotel room, and they also feature a lounge or dining area (which may also include a pull-out or sofa bed). Serviced flats also have dedicated work areas for business travelers, complete with desks and chairs as well as Internet access and a telephone.

The services

Of course, serviced flats also offer a bevy of services that you could find in hotels. This is what makes serviced flats, such as the ones from Servicedletsgroup.com, a brilliant yet affordable option. You can expect certain services such as cleaning services (usually once or twice a week), a reception desk, a laundry service, and so on. Some serviced flats also offer sports and recreation facilities.

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