How Digitally Printed Labels can Maximise Your Business Profits

We’ve all been through the supermarket aisles and we all understand the importance of a good label – the right kind of label design and printing will make it likely that the customer investigates the product; the wrong kind will most likely turn him or her away to the competition. The design is incredibly important.

However, so is the execution of creating the label. In fact, packaging and labelling often cost more than the product itself, so if you are able to cut down on expenses for creating the label whilst keeping the quality high (or even improving the quality) then that’s a great way to ensure the bottom line at the end of the month is in your favour. That’s exactly what going digital can do for you. Here’s how digitally printed labels can maximise your business profits.

1Going digital – how it works

The cost of traditional printing methods is high because it involves quite a laborious and time-consuming process. It involves creating plates, loading them, choosing and mixing ink, and so on. Going digital replaces all that hard work and makes it much easier to set up the printer and start cranking out labels – in fact, the labels can be made to order in whatever quantity is desired, as confirmed by labelling experts such as Furthermore, the quality is very high and the labels can actually be made differently for each single item.

The major advantages

There are many advantages to be gained from having your labels done with the digital printing process – here are just some of the most important ones:

  • It’s quick. It doesn’t require any plates, so a lot of the labour goes out of it. Quick setup and quick turnaround.

  • Superb quality. The resolution of the printing is truly high, and this translates into vibrant colours and great contrast.

  • Short runs. The printing can be done for any job, big or small (high volume or low volume) without any extra costs involved.

  • Cost cutting. Time is money – saving time means saving money. You’ll be able to charge your customers less as well.

  • Flexibility. Flexibility means competitiveness – and this in turn means a larger number of customers and higher customer satisfaction.

Digital label printing is sure to continue to gain popularity in the future simply because it offers advantages across the board – there are many more benefits to take advantage of relative to the alternatives. Just imagine: you can print a thousand labels, each with different kinds of information, or each customised with a certain name or phrase to address each customer individually. This process, called variable data printing, can be adjusted according to your customer database. This process lends a personal touch, at lower cost. This process can possibly revolutionise the way you communicate with your customers!

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