How Effective are Scalp Exercises to Reduce Hair Loss

Male pattern balding is common and it has been around for centuries. It has even become a million-dollar industry. What if someone tells you that you can regrow hair simply through a scalp exercise or massage? Scalp exercises to reduce hair loss might raise questions for people who are sceptical about it. However, a medical trial supports its effectiveness.

Evidence for Scalp Exercises

The argument is that massaging the scalp leads to an increase in blood flow that stimulates hair growth. Whether this mechanism is what makes scalp exercises effective remains debatable. However, evidence shows that it can really help regrow hair. In a 2016 study conducted by Japanese researchers, scalp massage was evaluated in Japanese males. They used a standardized massage, which resulted in improved hair thickness after 24 weeks. In simple terms, the massage has a positive effect on gene expression for hair growth. These findings provide strong support for using scalp massage as a treatment for hair loss.

Anecdotal Evidence

Aside from evidence based on research, there are success stories of individuals who claim that scalp exercises and massage have helped them grow their hair. Though inconclusive, anecdotal evidence should not be dismissed. One of the most popular documentations ever done was the story of J.D. Moyer who explained his experience through his blog post. He said that he used no drugs, only a simple massage technique and supported this with a series of photos showing the progress. He also showed a link between diet and hair loss, and asserted that dramatic hair regrowth requires continuous massaging that may take time.

The Method of Massage

Those who report successful hair growth follow common massage methods. They do it for 10 minutes or more a day using a robust technique, applying enough pressure to loosen and stretch the scalp. They use the fingertips and not the fingernails and do this daily routine for at least five months. Essential oils such as olive, rosemary and lavender oil are advocated by those who have seen hair regrowth.

Scalp Exercises to Regrow Hair

Scalp massage or exercise is a pleasant practice that can reduce stress levels, like other forms of body massage. It reduces itching, a sign that it tackles the root cause of hair loss. It is worth considering as a treatment for the problem of hair loss. There is no harm in adding it to your routine because it is safe and natural.

A regular massage as part of your daily hair care routine is a good addition if you notice your hair is thinning or falling out. It is best to avoid treatments that make use of strong chemicals if you want to improve the health and quality of your hair. Some non-invasive treatments are also worth a try. One of these is scalp micropigmentation, which uses natural pigments applied on the scalp. This is a life-changing treatment if you are suffering from hair loss. Instead of asking yourself “should I shave my head” and accepting that you’ll go with a bald look for the rest of your life, why not consider micropigmentation?

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