How to Have Your Home Ready for Your Moving Company

If you hire a professional mover in order to transport your belongings from one home to another is a fantastic way to get the stress levels down. The service is truly invaluable, but even more so if you are properly prepared. Here are a few tips to help you along.

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Have a Checklist

You may think that having a checklist is a bit too organized, but they do actually work. Start creating a list about two months before you move out and write all your ‘to do’ things on there. Remember to make sure you add cleaning to that list as well, as you want to leave your property completely clean and tidy when you go, particularly if you have rented it. A checklist will also stop you from having to rush like crazy about forgotten things. The first thing that should be on your checklist is to find your Arlington movers, so make sure you also book your date in with the company you choose.

Household Chemicals

There are generally a couple of items that your movers will not be able to take. This tends to include harsh cleaning supplies, paints, and gasoline. Make sure you have a list of things you cannot take and get rid of these items, or move them on your own.

Pack Your Valuables Properly

The moving company will probably offer to pack up for you at an extra fee, which you may want to take advantage of. Even if you do, however, you should prepare a few things already. Keep all your important documents to one side, take your family photographs off the shelves, take out things that you really want to keep on yourself such as family heirloom jewelry, and so on. Do also make sure that you insure items if you do send them with the movers.

Have Labels Ready

Create some labels that properly describe what is in each box and where it will need to go in your new home. You can also create full lists of everything included in a box, although this may be a little bit harder. You need to have a copy of your labels as well, so that you can check whether everything has arrived back at your property as well.

Be Nice

Make sure you’re nice to your movers. Yes, you may be paying them, but they are still doing something that you aren’t doing yourself. Give them a cup of tea and a sandwich at some point, greet them properly and answer any questions. Don’t get in their way either. If you have children or pets, make sure they are somewhere else so that they don’t bother the movers. You may also want to keep a bit of money behind for a tip, although you should first check with the moving company whether that is customary or not.

By following these tips, your moving experience will be much less stressful overall for everybody concerned.

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