How to Look Great Even When You’re Overweight

Many of us aren’t as fit as we want to be, and there aren’t many fashion choices available to make us look good. Often the best you can hope for is to go to a shopping center that has big & tall men’s clothing stores that have some clothes that fit you.

When you’re shopping for clothes, here are some useful tips to keep in mind to help you look good:

  1. Start by knowing your actual measurements. The cardinal rule of buying clothes when you’re big is that your clothes have to fit you properly. So it helps if you have your precise measurements. To get those, you better make sure and go to either a legitimate tailor or an upscale shop that sells suits. It’ll only take a few minutes to get those measurements and you also have a suit shop or tailor to consult afterwards.
  2. Remember that clothes for tall people aren’t meant for only big guys. “Big” and “tall” aren’t synonymous. Just because you’re overweight doesn’t mean you can wear clothes for tall people. This means you need to avoid shirts that have the pocket placed below your chest area and that have sleeves long enough to go past the end of your suit cuffs. Your trousers shouldn’t have tall rises, which refer to the space from the crotch to your waist.
  3. Check that you tuck in your shirt properly. When your shirt is tucked, the shirt buttons, the belt buckle, and the zipper of your crotch should be in a straight line. You should also tuck in all your shirts with long tails, though those with short tails and square tails can be untucked. The rule for untucked shirts is that the tail should end between your waistband and your pockets. If it ends below your crotch, tuck your shirt in.
  4. Be in the right position when you try out your clothes. This means your back should be straight, your shoulders should be relaxed, and your hands should be at your sides. Don’t do all those Superman poses to check your range of movement. Also, when you’re trying out a suit, the top buttons should be fastened while the bottom button should be unfastened.
  5. Don’t even think about baggy clothes. They just make you look even bigger than you really are. Don’t use them when you’re at home, because sooner or later you’ll be tempted to go as you are when you’re going out.
  6. Wear your pants around your natural waist. You can also have it just below your navel. What you want to avoid is to wear your pants right under your paunch. It doesn’t look good when your belly flops over your belt.
  7. Make friends with a reputable tailor. They’ll be very useful for you, as they can make alterations to the clothes you buy to make them fit you properly. It’s also not that expensive to adjust the sleeve length of your suit or sports jacket. For trousers, waistlines can’t be altered, but the hem length can easily be shortened.
  8. Your trousers shouldn’t gather around your ankles. Your pants need to “break” (fold over the tops of your shoes) properly. A full break is good for a tall guy, but not if you don’t have long legs. For big guys who aren’t six feet tall, a half or quarter break will do.

Just remember to consult that tailor friend—they’re you’re most valuable resource for looking good when you’re big!

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