How to Plan the Beverages for Your Event

One of the most important aspects of planning your next party will be the beverages that you serve to your guests. You’ll want to keep in mind that not everyone present may want alcohol, so make sure that you have some alternatives for those who wish to drink soda, tea, or simply a fruit juice. There a lot of details to plan when your ultimate goal is to have the best party in Birmingham, but partnering with an experienced caterer can alleviate your stress, frustration, and will provide you with the most delicious beverages to complement your appetizers or your meal. Let’s take a look at how to plan for the beverages that you want served at your upcoming party.

  1. First and foremost you must set a budget within which you will be working; this keeps you from overspending on this part of your celebration. Remember you have appetizers and food to include, so you must not spend a large portion of your budget on beverages alone.

  2. Next, you may want to enquire of a few guests what they prefer to drink at a social gathering of the type that you are planning. This will give you an idea of the liquors, beers, and cocktails that will be needed at your event; don’t forget the sodas, water, and fruit juices that some of your guests will prefer.

  3. Many of the caterers in Birmingham will have packages that include their bar service, the ingredients for each drink, and the mixers and garnishes that will be needed to make each drink a work of tasty art. It’s a good idea to discuss specifically what you want with your caterer well in advance of the event so that all parts of your bar set-up can be readily available.

  4. If you are hosting your event at one of the lovely outdoor venues in Birmingham, you may want to take a look at the mobile bar provided by Plyvine Catering that will add a touch of festivity to your occasion. Using a mobile bar set-up will make your guests feel special and help to set the tone for your special occasion.

  5. Finally, you should provide the number and the ages of those attending your event so that the caterer can make the proper arrangements for the beverages that will be served at your party. They will have a great deal of experience working with parties of your size so that all the beverage ingredients and other necessities for serving great cocktails will be available to their bartenders during your party.

Giving special attention to this part of your celebration can make it memorable for all those who attend. When you have the favourite beverages that your guests prefer along with appetizers that they like, the only thing missing will be good conversation which will be created once they see the hard work that you have done to make their event special.

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