How Whole Foods and Vitamins Can help in the Fight against Obesity

While America has been renowned as the capital of rising obesity in the Western world, there are statistics to suggest that the UK may be about to steal this unenviable crown. A new report from the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that childhood obesity rates have climbed in the UK while falling in the U.S., while British adults are also seeing their health deteriorate due to poor dietary habits and lack of self-awareness.


Understanding the Key Vitamins Required for Healthy Living


The lack of education is fundamental to rising obesity, as adults and children simply do not understand how to create a healthy diet. At the heart of this secret are healthy whole foods and the vitamins that distinguish them from take-out cuisine and fast food options. Consider the following 3 vitamins and their benefits to healthy living: –


Vitamin A: An often underestimated vitamin, this is in fact a pale yellow crystalline compound known commonly as retinol. It is crucial as it improves your vision and fights viral infections, meaning that you can maintain your well being when under the threat of infection. This is commonly found in a host of natural and whole foods, including baked sweet potato, raw carrots and cooked spinach (which are also a super food).


Vitamin B1: Less well renowned that the alternative vitamin B, this entity is also referred to as thiamine and helps your cell’s enzyme systems to convert oxygen into viable energy. This is absolutely pivotal in maintaining your energy, while it also impacts on the coordination of your nerves and muscle activity. It is found in whole foods such as sunflower seeds, cooked tuna and sesame seeds, which in turn are renowned for boosting the function of your heart.


Vitamin B6: Once again, this vitamin is not necessarily well known but it remains absolutely pivotal to the cultivation of good physical health. Interestingly, it is actively involved in more than 100 common enzyme reactions throughout the human body, which helps to regulate your nervous system while promoting the breakdown of essential dietary components such as starch and sugar. It also prevents the build up of amino acid in your blood stream, and can easily be found in bananas, roasted chicken breast, turkey and avocado (which are once again listed as a super food). To find out more about these vitamins and the whole foods that contain them, visit Indigo Herbs online today.

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