Law Amendment Trials

Rugby union laws have been adapted and take effect at the beginning of the Northern Hemisphere season (September 2012) and the Southern Hemisphere season (January 2013). Make sure you don’t get caught offside with Laughing Larry’s quick guide to the most notable changes this season.



Law 9 : Method of Scoring 9.B.1 taking a conversion kick

The kicker now has 90 seconds to take his kick from the moment a try is scored. The previous law allowed the kicker 60 seconds from the moment the kicker intended to kick (signalling for a kicking tee, sand or marking the ground)

Law 16 : Method of Scoring 16.7 unsuccessful end to a ruck

Once a team has clearly gained control of the ball at the back of a ruck, the referee will shout ‘use it’ which gives the team in possession, five seconds to play the ball. If not, the defending team is awarded a put-in at a scrum.

Law 19 : Touch and Lineout 19.2 quick throw-in

The new law allows for the player taking the quick throw-in to be anywhere outside the field of play between the line of touch (where the kicker has kicked the ball from) and the player’s goal line. The previous law stipulated that the player taking the quick throw-in had to be anywhere outside the field of play between the place where the ball went into touch and the player’s goaline. Check Law 19.2 for a clearer idea of this rule!

Law 20 : Scrum 20.1 forming a scrum

The ‘crouch’, ‘touch’, ‘pause’, ‘engage’ sequence is now replaced by a simpler ‘crouch’, touch’, ‘set’ sequence where the front rows crouch, then using the outside arm, each prop touches the point of the opposing prop’s outside shoulder. The props then withdraw their arms and wait for the command ‘set’ where the front row may engage when ready.

For the full low-down on all the amendment trials, check out the International Rugby Board’s Law Amendment Trials

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