Making Brochures Appealing to Younger Audiences

Traditional forms of advertising are deemed effective especially for older audiences. They grew up seeing these advertising tools. It is easier to entice them to buy the products offered if they are given brochures or flyers. However, it is quite a challenge if given to younger people. They would rather read information online. They would rather open websites, Facebook pages or other social media accounts.

The problem is that the online world is flooded with information. Therefore, you can’t easily capture their attention. It is still in your best interest to diversify your advertising tools and make brochures more appealing for younger people. There are different ways to catch their attention.

Use catchy graphics

The first thing you can do is look for more exciting images. You can find something colourful or striking even from afar. You can also find ones that seem weird. This will entice the target audience to come even closer.

The title must provoke curiosity

The cover page of the brochure must be simple and short, but should easily attract people to keep reading. It is like a magnet that pulls them to read more information. The moment you lose them on the title, then you have just wasted an opportunity to make the brochure appealing to them.

Keep the words short

If there is one thing that you need to understand about younger audiences, it is the fact that their attention span is really short. They will easily find other things that can retain their attention if they feel bored. This is why you have to keep the information in the content short and concise. Avoid brochures that have lots of words that your target audience won’t care about. The information they wish to read must be immediately reflected in the brochure.

Don’t forget the links

The information written on the brochure might not be enough. You need to encourage your audience again to look for deeper information. This time, you can let them search for more through your website. The link must be found in the brochure. You must also have a QR code that they can just capture with their camera and link to your website.

It takes time to decide what to put in the brochure before deciding to go for brochure printing. You must also partner with the best printing companies to ensure high quality results. The same thing can be done for leaflet printing, pop up banners, roller banners and exhibition stands.

Once you have handed out the brochures, you have to understand that you won’t immediately see results. It takes time. You have to be patient. You also need to wait for a while before you can see drastic changes.


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