Man Caves Need a Spring Clean Too

When it comes to man caves there’s often one rule – men only. And while this may work for you most of the time, if your wife is the person who does most of your cleaning, then your personal getaway space is likely to be looking a little messy right about now. If cleaning isn’t your thing, we’ve got a number of ways to get the job done quickly yet thoroughly.

Start with the Bar

Let’s start with the one space likely to keep you fuelled through the task – your bar. Start by clearing out all of your stock and giving your cupboards a good solid wipe down and clean. Next move on to the cupboard doors, paying attention to any alcohol or mixers that have dripped down and could begin to stain or accumulate. Once this is taken care of, give any faucets a clean and replace any filters you may be using. Now it’s time to restock, and as you do it, take the caps of your bottles and give the rim a clean before you recap them and store them again. If you’re going to do the job, it might as well be done thoroughly.

Storage and Loose Items

If you’ve got any game consoles or movies stashed away in your cave, they’ve likely started to move from any storage spaces they had onto your couch, bar, tables and even the floor. If you’re lacking in storage, now is the perfect time for a quick remodel. The Groupon Coupons page for Sierra Trading Post has some deals you can use on storage cubes or nesting chests which can make a stylish addition to your cave while helping to keep it clutter free.

Finish with a Vacuum

While giving your cave a vacuum might seem like the most basic of tasks to finish with, we aren’t just talking about your carpet or wooden flooring. Look for the attachment which looks like a long pole with a tapered end. Use this to clean any spider webs or dust from your ceiling, along with cleaning between the cushion of your couch and any tricky spots you can’t get to because of heavy furniture.

In just three easy steps you’ve got yourself a nice clean man cave for you and your friends to enjoy. Now sit back, grab yourself a drink and put in a movie while you relax until next Spring.

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