Roller Banners – Best Way to Deploy a Roller Banner

What’s the best way to deploy a roller banner? Roller banners are an ideal way to promote your business, build your brand, or draw attention to a special offer or event. But how you go about designing and deploying your banner, or banners, is critical to the degree of impact and success you will enjoy as a result.

Here are some key considerations to bear in mind when deploying a roller banner as part of a promotional campaign or as a stand-alone promotional tool.

1. Purpose – what is the purpose of your banner? Is it to attract attention from afar? Promote a special offer in-store? Direct traffic within your business premises or advertise a special one-off event? Be clear about what you want to achieve through using the banner – before considering other details regarding design, etc.

2. Location – select the best location for your banner. In order to do this you must be clear about the purpose of the banner. Will it be located outdoors or indoors? Will it be seen from close up or from a distance – this will have a direct influence on the size which will be optimal.

3. Material – whether the banner is to be displayed outdoors, indoors, for a prolonged period of time or just a few days will help you decide which type of material will be best suited to the task, and most cost effective.

4. Background – once you’ve decided on the location, carefully consider the surrounding environment. This is true for both indoor and outdoor applications. One of the first aims should be to have the banner stand out – in order to attract attention – and this is best achieved when you take into account the surroundings in which it will be displayed. Make sure that the banner will pop against background colours. For example, against a light wall, a dark-coloured background for a banner works well, and vice versa. If it’s going to be displayed outside, make sure the background colour provides sufficient contrast with the surrounding environment. For example, a light-coloured banner against a building which is dark will stand out. If it’s in a natural area, with lots of greenery, then avoid using green in the banner colour scheme.

5. Images and fonts – if you’ve considered the purpose and location, this should be simple enough. Images need to be of a sufficiently high resolution that they are crystal clear and attractive either close up or from a distance, and banner text needs to be easily readable form either a few metres away, or if it’s at the roadside, for example, easily readable from 20 metres, and within seconds.

6. Roller Banner Printing – start by searching online for roller banner printing companies and filter them by price, turnaround or delivery according to your needs. There are a host of high quality banner printing companies, so comparison shop to ensure you get the best deal for the banner you want in the time you need it.

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