Some Things to Ask a Surgeon before Having Weight Loss Surgery

A lot of people consider weight loss surgery because there have been so many great success stories about it. While it is certainly true that we should all commit to a healthy diet and active lifestyle, it sometimes simply isn’t enough, at which point Manhattan weight loss surgery can help. However, it is very important to understand that this type of surgery is not a magic, quick fix solution. It is important to be as knowledgeable as possible about the procedure before you decide to go under the knife. Below are some of the questions you may want to ask to achieve that.

Why Should I Have Surgery?

Weight loss surgery should always be seen as a last resort option. If you are offered it almost immediately, you should be very suspicious. Similarly, your BMI should be at least 35 before you are even considered.

How Can the Surgery Be as Non-Invasive as Possible?

There are now numerous procedures that enable people to lose weight without having to have major surgery. The most popular type is the lap band procedure. However, it is important to understand that there are always risks associated with surgery. Additionally, morbidly obese people may not be suited to laparoscopic procedures such as the lap band.

What Are the Risks of Surgery?

There are always risks associated with medical procedure, as well as a number of complications. Make sure these risks are properly explained to you before you agree to the procedure.

How Quick Will the Weight Drop off and Will it Ever Come Back?

Usually, it takes about two years to lose all the weight you wanted to lose. However, you have to stick to the diet that is prescribed to you by your physician. If you decide to eat cake and deep fried food instead, you can start to put weight back on as well.

I Have Some Health Conditions, Can I Still Have Surgery?

Before you are offered surgery, you will have to go through a comprehensive health screening. Generally, if you have health conditions that are associated with being overweight, you should still be able to have the surgery. However, this is something your surgeon will have to discuss with you.

What Type of Weight Loss Surgery Should I Have?

Today, most surgeons will recommend lap band surgery, as this is the most successful and has the fewest associated risks. However, there are other procedures as well and they may be more suitable to you.

Will I Have a Psychological Assessment?

Yes. Any good doctor will determine whether you are ready to go through surgery, to stick to the lifestyle changes you have to make, and whether you will be ready to cope with the significant changes you will go through.

How Long Does the Surgery Take?

This depends on the type of procedure. However, a lap ban could be fitted in as little as 30 minutes.

How Long Will I Be in Hospital?

This varies depending on your health and the success of the operation. The average is three days.

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