Struggling to Keep Fit? Find a Sport That Fits Your Lifestyle



Everyone needs a hobby, and it’s even better if that hobby keeps you fit and healthy. The trouble is finding something that you love and something that you’ll stick to. So many of us take up sports in the hope of getting into shape. But, unless you love it, you find yourself giving up after only a few weeks. If you’ve ever had a gym membership, you know the feeling!

That’s why it’s so important to find a sport you can really get stuck into. Today we’re going to run through the process of discovering the perfect sport for you. Whether you prefer getting together as a team or going it alone, we’ve got you covered!

What do you love watching?

First of all, you’ve got to find something you’re passionate about. Flick on ESPN or some athletics coverage. Which sport or event gets your heart pumping? What athletes can’t you take your eyes off? It’s this fascination and obsession that will keep you going. You might love the elegance of gymnastics, the aggression of rugby or the insane tricks of snowboarding. You’ll find a natural attraction to something, follow it and see where it takes you.

What’s your personality and body type?

Your choice of sport or exercise is often dictated by your personality and body type. The first thing to do is understand yours and find sports that match it. For example, are you a big team player with a tall, slim build? You might find basketball is perfect for you. If you’re more of a lone wolf with good hand-eye co-ordination, try your hand at squash or badminton. If you’re the adventurous and flexible type, then rock climbing might be just what you’re looking for.

Immerse yourself in the sport

Once you’ve found one or two potential ideas, immerse yourself in every aspect of the sport. Watch YouTube videos and visit forums. If you’ve decided on football, find a team to support and follow the transfer rumours. It’s all about making an entire culture of your sport and making it a bigger part of your life. It’s a healthy way to bring more fitness into your everyday life.

Join a team or club

One of the best ways to find something you love is to make it a social event. Joining a team is a fantastic way to meet new friends and find more people like you. It could be a cycling club or running team. You’ll spur each other on and push each other harder and faster. They’ll help keep you motivated if you have a bad day and you’ll celebrate the wins together. There’s no better way to keep your excitement for a sport than to find a group of like-minded people.

Practice, practice, practice

Now that you’ve found the sport for you, all that’s left to do is practice. Harness that new found passion and pour it into your practice routine. Always look for ways to be better. Work on your weaknesses and strengthen your game. You’ll grow your fitness and stay healthy. Best of all, you’ll love every second of it.

If you want to make your fitness stick, you’ve got to love what you do. That’s where a sport is so important. Find the one you like and get stuck in. Good luck!

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