The Best Extreme Sports For Your Fitness

Keeping fit is never easy. It involves a lot of hard work, and worst of all you have to cut down on food! Yet, the biggest problem you will face is the boredom. Not only is it difficult it is monotonous, so running on a treadmill for half an hour or lifting weights seems like time is purposely dragging its feet. The last thing you want when you are exercising is boredom because it puts you off exercising on a regular basis. What you need is excitement and most of all enjoyment, so check out the most extreme sports on the planet which are also a good form of exercise. Result!


  1. Snow Biking


Riding a bike is a great form of exercise as it works a lot of the body’s muscle groups and hones their ability to take on oxygen for extra energy and power. But, if you want to take it to the next level then snow bike. The added resistance of the snow makes cycling even harder and works the body more than ever. Plus, you are in a vast landscape covered by snow in the freezing cold. That’s better than riding a machine in the gym!

  1. Wakeboarding


It looks easy when you are watching someone else wakeboard, but it is far from easy. It is a sport which is deceptively difficult because it requires a lot of strength to hold on and attempt tricks on the waves. When you are attached to a pontoon boat going at a rate of knots, the air resistance and the resistance of the boat combined takes a massive toll on the body.


  1. Winter Surfing


Winter surfing’s health benefits have nothing to do with resistance or core strength, more just putting your body through extreme conditions. It is as simple as it sounds; go surfing in freezing cold water. The extreme cold of the water makes your body work twice as hard to warm you up, burning off excess calories in the process. Make sure you have a wetsuit, however, or you might come out as an icicle!


  1. Triathlon


Yes, triathlons don’t sound as extreme as surfing in the Arctic Ocean, but you want to be wary of judging them before you give it a go. Triathlons are easily one of the most extreme forms of exercise you can put your body through. By swimming, cycling and running in succession, you overload your body to the point of near exhaustion. However, if you can get through one, you’ll never be fitter!



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  1. Rock Climbing


If you thought cycling worked your body, rock climbing is even better. Be prepared to work your shoulders, hands, arms, thighs, back and neck and your cardiovascular system for good measure. All the while you are hanging precariously on a cliff edge, one slip away from death. If you prefer your extreme sports a little less extreme, you might want to give rock climbing a miss.


Beats a good, old-fashioned run over the hills, anyway.


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