The outside factors that could be affecting your workplace efficiency

If you are a manager presiding over a workplace, the one key question that would rank high on your priority list is how to increase productivity and efficiency among your staff. How to work smarter in the face of limited time and an ever increasing to do list is a commodity that offers immense value to a business.

Common problems affecting productivity and efficiency in a modern workplace

Finding the time to do it all and remain at the top of your game is an on-going battle with the quality of productivity often being the victim. Today’s modern workplace is an evolving environment that faces continuous challenges, one of which being: managing communication and collaboration.

If the lack of productivity has become a serious challenge, it is important to acknowledge it and then take steps to redress the problems. Do not ignore the problem. Asking your staff about what processes are not working is the first step. Track how much time they spend communicating and collaborating with one another. Are these affecting how much work is actually being done?

Streamlining communication processes is a major concern for managers. A never-ending stream of emails can be a drain on an employee’s time. Having to plough through an inbox bursting at the seams or sifting through hundreds of emails to find a document can eat up time. Another disadvantage is that checking emails or replying to them can take focus away from a task an employee is busy with. Emailing can retain all its sought after advantages if used for simple effective communication.

Are meetings a curse or a cure? It is not unusual for managers to find that meetings can, at times, fail to drive productivity, and be more of a time waster. Sometimes there are too many people holding discussions in a meeting, than reaching decisions and implementing them. One way to eliminate these oppositions to productivity is to utilize a collaboration platform that facilitates remote brainstorming and creativity, and bring only the relevant decision makers in a team together. It goes without saying that there needs to be a clear-cut agenda in place.

The illicit use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace is another expensive impediment to productivity for a business concern. Absenteeism and sometimes fatal accidents can result in lost productivity. Reasons for drug and alcohol use include both work-related and personal ones. An oral fluid lab test is a discreet lab-based method to detect drug use.

Importance of productivity in a competitive market

Being busy is no guarantee of productiveness. The ability to get work done and complete projects is a key factor here. Managers can stay on top of accomplished tasks by acknowledging deadlines being met. A proper and efficient work environment can boost staff morale and productivity like no other. Redressing productivity policies should include: smarter use of technology, work/life balance and a distraction free workplace.

At the end of the day, productivity levels drive the success of a business. In a globalized competitive business world, making smart choices, implementing efficient processes and ensuring the happiness of employees is the only way to ensure success.

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