Top 5 Things You Must Do In Oxford

When you think about Oxford you surely think first of the prestigious colleges at Oxford University. It is certainly one of the biggest draws for visitors to the city. But there is much beyond the historic campuses to attract people to this fine city – the architecture, the sense of history, the interesting buildings, and even the shopping. Many things will keep you occupied in Oxford. Here are our five things you can’t miss out on when you visit this classic British city.

1. Check Out the Waterways

There is no better way to see Oxford than by boat. It’s traditional to take a punt down the river but you can also investigate the waterways by steamer for a cruise, or even rowing boat. And if you don’t fancy getting on the water you can take a picnic by the riverside for a relaxing afternoon.

2. Doing Some Serious Shopping

Oxford is historic, yes, but it also has more than its fair share of up-to-the-minute shops, boutiques, and department stores. Whether you want to pick up some designer goods at a low price, or you’re searching for antiques or jewellery, Oxford is the place to go. If food is more your thing, there are plenty of farmers markets and organic stores selling fresh produce and local ingredients. And don’t forget the main Bicester Village, which is a short trip from the city and full of the most coveted labels.

3. Find a Cool Museum

There’s plenty to choose from in Oxford when it comes to museums. The Ashmolean houses historic items as diverse as ancient Greek statues to mummies from Egypt. The Museum of Oxford has a lot of information about the city and its origins. And there are smaller museums to check out in the city, too.

4. Check into a Fine Hotel

When it comes to luxury hotels oxfordshire has you spoilt for choice. When visiting Oxford, take it easy and make the experience extra special by booking into one of the luxury hotels in the city or the surrounding area. Oxford hotels offer plenty of amenities and character. You can choose from smart city properties to historic country retreats.

5. Go By Bike Or Foot

See some different sides to Oxford by taking in the city on a bike tour, or a walking tour. You can find plenty of options and even take part in special tours that really celebrate the area, like a walking tour celebrating film locations, or a tour taking in different literary links. By foot or by bike are the ideal ways to see this fine city.

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