Why Choosing a Timeshare May be a Better Option Than a Hotel

Are you already in the process of planning for your big spring vacation? Have you been looking for hotels, but don’t like dealing with the cost and the drawbacks? Another option may be a timeshare option. You can purchase a timeshare for a short-term vacation or you can obtain a package and experience a whole new level of vacationing for years to come. Here are a few reasons why looking into a timeshare may be a more viable option than a hotel.

More Cost-Effective Than a Hotel Stay

Hotels that are located in a prime vacation spot tend to be a higher cost than an average hotel. In these cases, the price can be very high—even on non-peak days and weeknights. Another thing is that more affordable hotels aren’t always centrally located to many destinations such as amusement parks or shopping. Acquiring a timeshare may seem expensive and alike a long-term commitment, but in the long-run, it can be more cost-effective than renting a hotel room. Hotel room costs aren’t always the same year after year, even in the same location. Having a Welk Timeshare allows you to lock in a base price and not be aware of any surprises throughout the year. It also allows you to budget better. Paying a small monthly fee year-round gives you more money in your pocket during your actual vacation, rather than paying a hefty fee for a hotel stay.

A One-Stop Rest And Relaxation Destination

Hotel stays can be unpredictable. If you didn’t book your rooms well enough in advance, you may have to move mid-vacation to a different room, if that particular one was already booked by someone else. Privacy is another issue. With a timeshare, you can choose from something simple to an extravagant condo, where every luxury is at your fingertips, including:

  • *Spacious floor plans with beautiful views.

  • *Exclusive room-service and restaurants.

  • *Full laundry amenities.

  • *Full-spa services.

  • *Local transportation and car services.

  • *Golf course access.

  • *Golf-carts and bicycle usage.

  • *A wide range of children’s sports, playgrounds, daycare, and activities.

  • *Private pools, tennis courts and Jacuzzi access.

  • *Equestrian facilities and private lessons.

One of the biggest advantages is being close to events and destinations and having early access to shows and other grand opening events. Because there are a variety of packages to choose from in every budget, you won’t have any surprises when it’s time to plan for your vacation.

Added Vacation Perks For Being A Member

Some timeshare programs offer exclusive perks for members and the more time you spend at their resorts. This may include all-inclusive airfare and rental car for upcoming visits. Tickets to sporting events, shows and amusement parks may also be included, especially if you order a bigger plan or package. Friends and family may also get a huge discount to create their own exclusive visit at a timeshare of their choice. Some timeshares offer referral bonuses if you refer a friend or coworker to your favorite ski resort, and they sign on to purchase a specific package. Visiting more destinations may also make you qualify for other vacation types such as cruises, outdoor excursions and other getaways. The perks far outweigh staying in a hotel or other type of vacation accommodation.

Owning Your Vacation Destination

Did you fall in love with your last vacation to Orlando or the Riviera? If so, it can be hard to replicate it with a hotel stay and not break your budget. Purchasing a specific timeshare allows you to experience that one-of-a-kind vacation experience as many times as you want. You can always change your timeshare package at any time. If you wish to add on more to your vacation experience, all it takes is one phone call. Experienced customer care agents are available to help tailor your package to your family’s needs. If you need to change a destination or want to check out a new one, your agent will find you the best deal and make it affordable for you to make those changes.

A timeshare is an all-inclusive experience where you can actually live in your condo or resort with all of the amenities you would have at home and then more. Consider a timeshare for your next vacation and start planning the perfect getaway for years to come.

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