Why you should eat more Kiwi

There aren’t many fruits like the humble Kiwi. It has a ton of great aspects to it that make it a very useful and beneficial part of anyone’s day. We’re going to take a quick look at it and work out just why it is such a super fruit. You may be surprised by what we tell you.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Kiwi fruit has a huge amount of vitamin C in it, which means it gets to work on your immune system in the best way. It boosts your immunity massively, and can therefore help with the nasty colds that seem to be forever circulating. If you work in an office, for example, having a Kiwi fruit to hand on a daily basis means that you can confidently stave off the germs that can ruin your working week. Organise a fruit basket delivery (check out fruitful office for this service) and make sure that Kiwi features heavily in the office on a daily basis and you’re onto a winner.

If you are unfortunate enough to have issues around your digestion, then Kiwi fruit can easily help in this regard. Getting clogged up doesn’t feel nice, and if you suffer from constipation, for example, your day is not going to go well. A Kiwi fruit can actually save the day here., Perfect for making your digestive function smooth and generally calmer, Kiwi fruit is a real bonus if you want to have a more comfortable day. It will take a few days of eating them to feel the effects, but as one of Nature’s best responses to digestive problems, the Kiwi will seriously help you out.

Heart saver

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits that Kiwi fruit can bring revolves around the heart. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers worldwide, and Kiwi fruit plays a big part in the fight against it. Make Kiwis a regular part of your week and you can expect to simply get healthier when it comes to your heart. If you eat 2-3 of them per day it can actively work against blood clotting. Studies have shown that blood clot potential can be reduced by nearly 20% if you eat three Kiwis a day. And that’s pretty amazing stuff when you consider the size of the fruit. It’s a powerful weapon against heart disease, make no mistake.

Our last reason why the humble Kiwi fruit is such a great part of anyone’s diet is connected to your skin. Kiwi fruits are well-known for helping to make your skin look the best it can, and that’s because of the vitamin E element in the fruit. This keeps you looking vibrant and fresh no matter how demanding your day has been. It’s a real plus in the fight against wear and tear on your skin.

Soft and succulent, the Kiwi fruit has been known to be a great snack for a long time. But the health benefits are now becoming even clearer.

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