Will a bi-folding door work?

Although many people are looking at ways in which they can add a bi-folding door, which has become a must have luxury into our homes, sometimes, this is not a viable option.

Because of their rise in popularity, some homeowners have forgotten that there are other, equally good, alternatives out there that can do a number of similar things as bi-folding doors. Sliding doors for example actually have some better benefits, with their key difference being that they can have much bigger glass panels which can account for large unobstructed views. For this reason, they are used on buildings where the surrounding architecture is outstanding, particularly at viewing points.

Because of this larger free glass, you can also increase the energy efficiency of the doors too, meaning you can save money on your energy bills and bring your property into more carbon neutral status. This point about the environment is key and although bi-folding doors are also great, sliding doors offer just a little bit more which could mean the difference between getting planning permission and not for some environmental based builds, where a certain environmental score must be achieved.

There are many other reasons too why a bi-folding door might not work and these include size, design of the home as well as use of the room. Bi-folding doors concertina which means at some point they fold out. Depending on space this might not be viable, for example down the side of a house where there is limited space.

Size is a particular talking point because although there isn’t really a smallest size for a bi-fold which is just 2 pane (obviously within reason), sometimes this just would not work because of the appearance or logistics of it. Bi-folding doors have the aura of a grand opening and for that reason, work best when the door gap is quite large and you can see the concertina effect working at its very best, to create a large free moving space. For this reason, this is why they are often shown on brochures and marketing material on very large buildings.

Another key issues which is often forget is the use of the home. Whilst bi-folding doors are great for times when there is a lot of moment between a dining room and a garden, they do limit the ability to just open them up a little bit, like a sliding door. If you would like a little bit of fresh air on a regular basis, having a fly screen installed to your home with sliding doors can create the perfect environment; fresh air and no insects inside the house. Always think about how the doors will be sued to compliment your lifestyle within your home.

So, if you are thinking of changing doors in your home, do consider the reasons behind it – occasionally this will make the choice between two different options a lot easier than you may think. Seek professional help should you be undecided on what might work the best.

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